Dear Esteemed Customer,

According of the Italian Government Decree 01 April 2020, stringent rules and restrictions have been issues to contain the CoViD-l9 contagion, shutting down manufacturing, commercial and retail activities across the entire Italian Country, excluding only activities strictly related to health and first necessity.

Meccaniche Morandi suspends its manufacturing and logistic activities
from 23 March 2020 up to 13 April 2020 included. 

Unfortunately, this Force Majeure event, beyond Meccaniche Morandi’s control, implies that performance date of our supply agreements shall be extended as reasonably necessary to compensate for the delay caused by this event.

Meccaniche Morandi s.r.l. activity is out of the primary activity list which are authorized to keep on producing.

If our supplied products are functional to the authorized primary activities, Meccaniche Morandi s.r.l. requires its customers to send a specific and detailed request so to inform Italian Authorities (Prefetto di Varese) about the need to re-start our production.

As soon as the situation will return normal, hopefully in the shortest time possible, we’ll do all in our possibilities to reduce production and supply lead time.

Thanks for your understanding.