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Special bolting and fasteners cold and hot forged parts on costumer design

Cold forming

Using cold wire rod deformation technology, Meccaniche Morandi S.r.l. manufactures a vast range of products designed by the customer and unified parts (screws and bolts) conforming to the UNI, DIN, ANSI, BS.

Ø Gambo
Lunghezza sotto
testa [mm]
complessiva [mm]
Da 5 a 715 – 10020 – 110
Da 8 a 1215 – 16020 – 180
Da 14 a 1820 – 18025 -200
Da 20 a 3325 – 22030 – 240

Hot forming

Larger products are manufactured by high-temperature electro-upsetting and forming process (up to a shank diameter of 60 mm and a maximum length of 3000 mm).


The company has a rolling department where it performs threads conforming to international standards (ISO Metric and American Standard), special threads, grooves and knurling.
Large threads are obtained by manual rolling or machining.

Heat treatments

Heat treatments are performed directly by the company. Meccaniche Morandi S.r.l. by this way can produce parts conforming to the applicable standards or to the customer specifications.
For some types of product, the company may provide heat treatment on the basis of a contract.

Surface coating and pretreatments

Meccaniche Morandi S.r.l. may supply parts complete with protective surface coatings:
– from the most common: electrolytic galvanizing (Cr6+ free), zinc and manganese phosphatation, organic binder-based coatings (GEOMET®), hot-dip galvanizing (H.D.G.)
– to the most technologically advanced: various types of fluoro-carbon coating (XILAN® XILAR® series), nickel or nickel alloy coatings, copper coatings, silver coatings, cadmium coatings, etc.

Threaded parts can be supplied with masking coating or locking screw pre-treatment (reactive and non-reactive).

Other services offered

Meccaniche Morandi S.r.l. is specialized in the development of new parts to be manufactured using cold forming technology, in close collaboration with the customer.

The company, on customer request, may provide 100% testing on the parts manufactured. Some types of parts can be tested for the conformance of their heat treatment, their size and for the absence of cracks.

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